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Subscription Based Content & Social Media Management

Starting At ₹ 7,999/-

We know how difficult it can be to post on social media,
create the right content, generate revenue or just gain some reach.
plumM will give you ready to post beautiful stuff about you and your company

that will get the eyeballs on you.

We know you want to be seen on Instagram and LinkedIn.
We know you really want something on Facebook.
We will give fantastic wrappings to all that you want to say,

complete with all the trimmings.

We will help you revamp your look.

Or just refresh or translate what you see your business as -

into digital magic!

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What We Do

The modern marketing world is online, now more than ever before.
plumM is a creative, social media content providing company
that offers a well-rounded and personalised strategy that is so relevant today.

At a Glance

Cool Videos

World class Emailer designs

A calendar to advise on when and where to post

Custom made Infographics & Graphic Designs for

- WhatsApp
- Facebook
- Instagram
- Twitter

- YouTube

- LinkedIn

​We breathe creativity and offer exciting, supportive and fresh content for

young and experienced businesses.

We will make sure you are visible with a refreshed online profile,
ready for that edge over companies that are shy of it!

Why plumM

Plum is a fruit. But we didn’t think of that when we decided on this name.
We thought of plum as the English word…. desirable, coveted, prestigious.

The M stands for our marketing penchant.

So, when we say plumM,

we mean a rewarding and impressive digital marketing advantage.

A plum advantage.

That is why you should choose us.

plumM. Take a bite.

Attractive Infographics

We know great infographics are beautiful storytellers offering information on a designed platter. We present the content you want to share as a visual delight, making it engaging and interesting.

Engaging Videos

We put your ideas in motion.




Watch them to believe us!

Graphic Designing

A beautiful graphic design that resonates with your message. Attractive and impactful. It's our speciality.  Each of our designs is crafted especially for you, with a forever shelf life.

Social Media Management

Just leave it to us!
We understand what it takes to make you stand out in the crowd. And we can either manage your social media presence or just give you the parcels to put out there.

We Have Plans For You

  • You will get- 5 hrs a day for 7 days, a total of 35 hrs of plumM time

    7,999 Indian rupees
  • You will get- 5 hrs a day for 10 days, a total of 50 hrs of plumM time

    9,999 Indian rupees
  • You will get- 5 hrs a day for 15 days, a total of 75 hrs of plumM time

    11,999 Indian rupees
Charge of 18% GST additionally on all plans

Infographic Gallery

Insta . FB . Twitter . LinkedIn . Web

Pink Green Geometric Lines Shapes Coffee
Insta post
Insta post
Multi- use creative
Insta post

Graphic Designs

Original designs & art that make you go WOW!

P.S- What you see is fully customizable made by truly brilliant designers

Video & Animation Gallery

5 - 35 second videos & animation to put your business in motion

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