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If you have more queries, use the chat box and we'll get back to you asap!

1. Office timings?

It’s a Monday to Friday, 10am to 6pm (IST) schedule for us. We take the weekends off and celebrate all National holidays. But hey, if you want a job done real quick because you don’t want to wait, we’re flexible. Let’s talk.

2. How will the stop watch start for me if I book on a Wednesday for a 07 day Be Seen plan? Or on a Friday for a 10 day Boost Plan?

All days and hours are ‘working days’ and ‘office hours’. If a holiday comes along in the middle of a working day, we simply add a day to your block. So you don’t have to start on a Monday morning. Just start when you’re ready! The sooner the better.

3. How do I book the services?

Simply choose, click and pay. Use our secure net banking gateway. And if you need to discuss our plum plans, just get in touch. We would love to offer you the best plan that suits you!

4. How will my account be managed?

You will get an email from us with the name of the key account manager who will be your one point contact. This account manager will let you know the virtual address where you can come online and chat.

5. Will you keep sending to me the infographics and videos as and when they will get ready?

Nothing will leave our creative desk without your OK. So, we will show you the infographics and videos we develop on the virtual platform and take your approvals. The entire bundle will be sent to you on the plan expiry day. That way you will have until then to decide if you are happy with what we are creating and we can keep working towards making your cart truly plum!

6. Can I cancel my plan and get a refund?

In a word, no :(

Once you pay, we are committed to offering you your chosen service plan and so, it is non-refundable.

That said, because we said we are flexible and keen to make you happy, if for any reason you no longer need the services just then and want to defer, you can send us an email for new dates.

You can opt for the same plan or an enhanced plan but you cannot downgrade the plan.

So be confident you are making a plum decision when you click to pay.

7. Can I change the plan – downgrade or upgrade after I have paid ?

We are sorry :(  but it is not possible. Please be sure of your choice.

We are there to advise you if you want.

Once booked, the plan is to stay with the plan!

8. What happens if I am unable to give the details of my requirements within the stipulated time as per plan, after having subscribed?

It will not be possible to extend the days of the plan if there is a delay from your end.

So when you click, the stop watch starts.

But hey, we are a team right? So, we will meet you midway.

Based on the brief you give us, we will start work and work towards delivering as per promise.

9. What happens if I don’t like the creatives made by the plumM team?

We promise we will not disappoint you.

If you click on a plan after seeing what we offer, reading our testimonials, understanding the plum vibe we are distinguished by, chances are you will be a happy plum with us.

 But just in case, you really do not like what comes out from our creative heads,

we will keep going until you are happy. Up to three times :)

10. How will I get my Infographics and Videos?

We will showcase our work on a virtual address. Every creative you approve, we will add to your cart. When it all adds up to the promised count, we will send them to you and you can shake our virtual hand!

11. How will I market these infographics and/or videos on my social media handles?

We have this sensible, week planner that we will share with you. It will stay alive for a month, offering advice on how to upload with suggestions of relevant hashtags. By the time the month is over, you will be a pro at making your SM handles work for you!

12. When should I renew a plan?

The shelf life of an infographic or video is as long or as short as you want it to be. You have the freedom and power of deciding to keep using and reusing as much as you like. Our suggestion? It is wise that once all infographics have been used at least twice on all social media platforms,  you re-subscribe and get a fresh set of infographics.

For a refreshed look.